The hike to visit and place a memorial at the site of Col Herbert Haws crash site took place after the August 2003 meeting. After a half hour drive the party headed up a gravel logging road they headed down a new skidder track which led to a point within a quarter mile of the GPS coordinates that were made this past spring. Over the years loggers and locals had hauled most of the aircraft wreckage away as the metal was more valuable than the timber in the crash area. Today we recognize the site as a military grave and followed the ethics of finding, photographing, and replacing any wreckage found. We still found many small parts including some gears, rods, hydraulic lines, electric motors, and metal frames and other distorted sheet metal. The afterburner pipe is located some distance from the site where it probably dropped of a salvage truck in the past. Our tremendous online directory has afforded us the opportunity to reopen with a new audiance and we are thankful for the opportunity. The state of Maine Geological Survey​ has given us this golden opportunity to remind the state of its previous contributions to the efforts of this country.

42nd Bomb Wing Memorial Display

Project Manager Corey is proud to report that Phase One of the 42 Bomb Wing Memorial has been completed.The 8' x 12' memorial honors the accomplishments of the 42BW personnel between 1953 and 1994 while the wing was assigned to Loring Air Force Base.The display features brief histories of Loring, the flying squadrons and the 42Bomb Wing.Depicted on the display are three typical missions flown by KC-135 and B-52 crews.The first is an airborne alert mission flown over the Mediterranean Sea during the Cuban Missile Crises, the second is a bombing mission on Hai Phong flown during the Viet Nam War, and the third panel shows a Desert Storm mission into southern Iraq.The second phase of the display will feature the installation of interactive electronics which will include sound clips from an actual bombing mission.The display will also have scale models of a KC-135 refueling a B-52.The final phase is scheduled for completion in June of 2004. Classic Cars for Sale in Maine

Trainer on display

A WWII Link instrument trainer, immaculately restored, has been received from a member of Vintage Wings and is now on display at the Museum.

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